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This weblog is our online journal. You'll find information about our personal sightings of sea serpents in San Francisco Bay as well as information related to other sightings of a gigantic snake-like unknown marine animal off the coast of California. We intend to provide the public with information provided to us from witnesses, scientists, cyrptozoologists and other people interested in sea serpents. We have adopted the name "megaserpent" coined by Dr Ed Bousfield to refer to the specific gigantic snake-like marine animal often referred to as a "sea serpent". We are doing this so we can avoid any confusion with all the other large unknown marine animals which are also called sea serpents. We will also provide other links on the web relating to "megaserpents" that we find interesting.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Complaint filed with Swedish Embassy
We just contacted the Swedish Embassy and filed a formal complaint against Jan Sundberg for knowingly publishing his fraudulent and libelous article about us. Here is the statement we filed along with a copy of Jan's article.

Hi. My name is Robert J. Clark. I am an American citizen living in
San Francisco, California. I am contacting you to inquire what the Swedish Law
is regarding a person publishing a Libel on his website on the internet.
Recently , Swedish citizen, Jan Sundberg published a libelous article about
myself and my brother, William J. Clark. Mr. Sundberg deliberately and
faudulently published an article on his website Global Underwater Search Team
http://www.cryptozoology.st/ claiming that my brother and I confessed to him
that we deliberately perpetrated a fraud on the public and published that we
admitted to him of committing a crime in an email we sent to him on June 24,
2006. The entire article is false and a complete fabrication on the part of Mr.
Sundberg. We have demanded an immediate retraction of the article but Mr.
Sundberg has refused and responded by sending us terroristic anti-american
emails. Here is the article Mr. Sundberg published on his website:

We deny that we ever said any of the remarks Mr. Sundberg claims we made. We
have all our emails to him proving that he is lying. We are seeking legal
council at the present time to advise us how to have the article removed from
the GUST website and what other legal remedies we may have. We would like you to
investigate this case and if a criminal statute has been violated by Mr.
Sundberg help us file criminal charges against him. Thank you for your time
Robert J. Clark
4:03 pm pdt

We are asking all members of the cryptozoology community to email Jan Sundberg at: jan.sundberg@bahnhof.se and tell him that you will never donate any money to him or GUST unless he prints a retraction of his bogus article about us in which he claims we confessed to him that we faked our sightings, photos and video and that you are telling other people to do the same thing. It is time for Jan Sundberg to be made aware that the cryptozoology community will not allow him to publish any more lies about people in the cryptozoology and scientific communities without there being some kind of repercussion. The only way Jan Sundberg will stop doing these kinds of destructive acts of sabotage is if it hurts him in his wallet. Send us a copy of your email to him and we will publish it on this site for others to see. Our email address is sfseaserpent@access4less.net or sfseaserpent9@hotmail.com .
2:02 pm pdt

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

GUST article is a FAKE!
Recently, we sent Jan Sundberg a copy of Bruce Champagne's anaylsis of our video in which Champagne explains why the objects in our video can not be seaweed because Jan's final opinion of what the objects are in our video is "seaweed". Since Jan's and Champagne's opinions were conflicting, we asked Jan if he could find anything wrong with what Champagne said. Jan's response to our inquiry was to post an article at the GUST website dissing Bruce Champagne and his analysis of our video. We contacted Jan and asked him to provide a link to the entire Champagne analysis in his new article so his members could read Champagne's explanation why the objects in our video could not be seaweed for themselves. Jan agreed to do that.Iinstead, he posted another article in which he claimed we cofessed to him that we faked the entire San Francisco sea serpent story including our photos and video. We have contacted Jan and told him that we didn't fake anything, we never told him that we did, demanded a retraction and/or correction of his last article and called him a liar for posting his fraudulent article. He responded by telling us he would sue us if we said anything about him or GUST. We told him that we wouldn't post anything libelous about him because we would only be telling the truth about him. We also informed him that if he didn't like what we said then he should sue us.

At this point, we want to make an official and public DENIAL of the claim made by Jan Sundberg about us confessing to him that our entire story is a hoax perpetrated by us.

We never made any confession to Jan Sundberg about us faking anything regarding our sea serpent sightings. Jan Sundberg is an outright liar and a scoundrel for publishing such a libelous article about us rather than admit that he is wrong about the objects in our video being seaweed. How sad.
1:14 pm pdt

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