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Welcome to our blog!

This weblog is our online journal. You'll find information about our personal sightings of sea serpents in San Francisco Bay as well as information related to other sightings of a gigantic snake-like unknown marine animal off the coast of California. We intend to provide the public with information provided to us from witnesses, scientists, cyrptozoologists and other people interested in sea serpents. We have adopted the name "megaserpent" coined by Dr Ed Bousfield to refer to the specific gigantic snake-like marine animal often referred to as a "sea serpent". We are doing this so we can avoid any confusion with all the other large unknown marine animals which are also called sea serpents. We will also provide other links on the web relating to "megaserpents" that we find interesting.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Animal X Uncut
Animal X has started a new webpage entitled, "Animal X Uncut" and it is featuring our complete interview with them about our sightings of sea serpents in SF Bay along with the uncut version of our first video.

However, they don't include the audio of the video.

Here's the address.


We've also provided a link to the webpage on our FAVORITE LINKS page.
2:52 pm pst

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dr. Ed Bousfield
Our good friend and fellow researcher, Dr. Ed Bousfield passed away a few weeks ago at the beginning of September. We have been corresponding with Dr. Bousfield for many years regarding our sightings and videos. He was the Canadian scientist who worked with Dr. Paul LeBlonde on a scientific paper which declared that Caddy exists.

Rest in peace, Ed.

Your work will not be in vain.

5:46 pm pdt

Friday, August 21, 2015

possible new 2009 sighting of SF sea serpent
On August 16, 2015, we received an email from Chris Acosta in which he claims in 2009 he and 3 other people had a sighting of one of the animals while they were fishing in SF Bay.

Here's the email.

Hello! I am so happy to have stumbled upon your page and to discover all of the sightings that you and so many have witnessed in the bay. I'm even more excited because now I have a place to share my own sighting with you.
In 2009, my friend, his father and my wife went fishing in the bay during the halibut run. It was relatively calm out and the water was clear. We had four fish on a stringer alongside the boat and our eyes were glued to the surface of the water while we fished, on the lookout for opportunistic sea lions. When we decided to finally move to another location my friends' father went to grab the stringer of fish and I was on the opposite side of the boat, reeling in my line. Suddenly, my friends' dad (I'm sorry I can't remember his name) yells out in surprise and says to come look over the side of the boat. From my side I see something swimming right under us and away from me, descending as it went and I swear it looked like a giant snake. The girth of it was incredible; I'll modestly say, five feet around and it seemed to go on for an impossibly long time. I turned around and my buddy, Ron is also looking at the thing and then we looked at one another in shock. The creature was a dark brown color and I did not see scales or any other features, unfortunately. I was too preoccupied with the size and abnormality of it to process anything else.
After reading some of your reports I have to say that I'm very grateful that the thing had not come up out of the water as seen by some people. I can't imagine how scary that would be or how dangerous. What we saw was easily large enough to take a person. I'm not a marine biologist but I don't need to be to tell me that what I saw was not a whale or group of sea lions or anything known. It was so close and the water so clear that we had nothing to obscure our perception which would contribute to a misidentification.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to this mystery being solved in the near future!

ps. I don't know the exact location of your fishing trip but we launched out of Berkeley marina if that helps.
11:33 am pdt

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Possible New Sighting
We just received an email from someone who had a possible sighting of one of the megaserpents in SF Bay on October 30, 2014. The email states:

"I’ve followed your blog for a while and am aware of your incredible experience. I travel between Sacramento and San Francisco several times a month. On my way back from San Francisco early this afternoon on the Carquinez Bridge, I noticed a curious black object in the water just west of the bridge. I was driving east bound and looking to my left and I could see underneath and slightly west of the west bound bridge when I noticed the object. It was black, not shiny but not dull, either. It was sort of hump shaped. Understand that I only caught sight of this object for several seconds as I was driving away from it, now looking back over my left shoulder. In those several seconds I observed the following:

The object was black, smooth, and hump shaped.

Hard to judge size as there was nothing man made near it but I would estimate the object to be approximately 4’ long and 2-3’ wide..

The object did not seem to be moving.

It slowly sank vertically out of sight in the few seconds I observed it.

I noticed no horizontal movement, no splashing, no wake. I have seen porpoise and whales but never in the Straight and they are typically a grey or dark grey in color. There was no dorsal fin.

The water was fairly calm and there were no ships or boats in the straight. No wake was evident. The day was partly sunny and warm. It was about 1:15 PM.

I am a former Marine Corps pilot and have had extensive experience flying up and down the California coast and I have seen whales, porpoise, sharks, and sea lions from the air. I am fairly certain what I saw was not any sea mammal I am familiar with. I got the impression it was an animate object and not trash or debris in the water. I would think that a large sea lion might be possible but that would not be in keeping with my past observations of those animals. I don’t really know what I saw but it was very strange, especially so close to the bridge.

I have never seen a 'sea serpent'. I believe that the vast number of so called sea serpent sightings are cases of mistaken identity or just hoaxes. I have read 'The Great New England Sea Serpent' by O’Neill and I think so many sightings could not be groundless and so I try to keep an open mind. I thought you might appreciate my experience."

We cannot say for certain this was a conclusive sighting of one of the animals because not enough of the animal was seen so we are categorizing this as a possible sighting.
8:52 am pst

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mysterious Destinations Magazine articles are posted
Mysterious Destinations Magazine is presently featuring the SF sea serpent on their website with several articles and YouTube videos. It will be on their website for the whole month of January. People can visit the site by going to http://mysteriousdestinationsmagazine.com/ or by hitting the Mysterious Destinations Magazine link that we posted on our links page.
2:04 pm pst

Monday, November 18, 2013

An 1887 news article about a sighting of a sea serpent in SF Bay near where we had our sightings
Here is an 1887 news article about a sighting of a sea serpent at Fort Point which is where the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge is located. That is in the same general area where all of our sightings have occurred. We have now found reported sightings of these animals in SF Bay in 1874, 1875, 1885 and 1887.

Daily Alta California, Volume 42, Number 13880, 1 September 1887


He Plays a Star Engagement With Two Fishermen.


The Presence of Mind of One of the Men Releases Them From His Clutches Off the Farallone Islands— A Thrilling Experience.

There is no class of people more adventurous or daring in the pursuit of the means for earning a livelihood than the Greek, Austrian and Italian fishermen who daily supply our markets with fish. While the majority of our citizens are sound asleep, these fearless and energetic members of the community are abroad upon the deep with their nets, raking in the finny denizens of the water to supply the markets on the following day. In all sorts of weather, in the dead of night, are they abroad in their shallow craft, skirmishing: around the entrance to the bay and dancing upon the rough waters, of the ocean outside the Heads, pursuing their hazardous occupation. Many and varied are the experiences; they meet with, but it is seldom that they have their experiences recorded, However, two of these adventurous fishmongers met with an incident on Monday morning just before daylight, which, aside from its thrilling and exciting aspect, would go to show that the popular "legend" of the existence of a marine animal known as the sea-serpent is not such a fallacy as most people imagine. An Alta reporter, in the course of his wanderings along the water front yesterday noticed an unusual excitement around the fishermen's wharf near the seawall. Inquires made of several of the habitues of the wharf who can "patter " English soon revealed the cause of it. Two of the youngest members of the fishing colony were being worshipped as the heroes of an exciting series of adventures which came near being fatally disastrous to both. One of the heroes is Luigi Damazetti, an ex-Venetian gondolier, who was once, before he came to those shores, the pride of the Delia Guidecca in his native city, and the other is an Italian whose first name is Luigi and: who claims to have been born in the vicinity of the Porto Piccolo in Naples. His last name is known only to himself and his countrymen. The reporter broke the points of three pencils in trying to make a note of it, such a mixture of consonants and vowels is it composed of. Early Monday morning Pietro and Luigi spread the "leg of mutton " sail of their craft and headed for the fishing grounds. Their small vessel — the Leon Gambetta — was near Fort Point when suddenly they felt a shock. Their boat was almost overturned by it. At the same time the water about them was churned into a white foam as if by the paddlewheel of a ferry-boat. By the dim light of dawn the frightened occupants of the boat saw a huge body working in the water around them. The body seemed to be in a circle around the boat, which was in the center of the disturbed waters. Luigi became frightened and cried out that an evil monster was encircling them. Pietro being of a more practical turn of mind had no superstitious fears, and saw that it was a marine monster of some form which was around them, and by the jerking of the boat he realized that some portion of its anatomy had become mixed up with the net which they were trailing behind. Instinctively he pulled out his clasp knife and would in another moment have severed the net rope and sacrificed the net and its contents in order to be freed of the unwelcome animal that persisted in embracing the boat and its occupants, when a great jerk on the part of the sea creature caused a lurch, and to save himself Pietro seized the boat's gunwale. The knife fell overboard. Then a new freak appeared to seize the monster. It ceased whirling around and struck out in a straight line for the Golden Gate. The boat was jerked in its wake stern foremost. Pietro was now as demoralized as Luigi, and the two fishermen crouched in the bottom of their boat, shivering with fear, while it was fairly whirled through the waters at the rate of about twenty knots an hour. In fifteen minutes they were abreast of the Point Bonita lighthouse and still going at the same rate of speed. Shortly they would reach the Farallones, and where they would bring up was problematical. Luigi was on his knees praying to a variety of saints to preserve him. By this time Pietro had again recovered himself, and was alive to their precarious condition. Something must be done. The light of the new day was now being shed about, and ahead of the boat he saw a long line of body that moved through the waters with the motion of the waves. It seemed to be 100 feet in length, and ever and anon at its end he saw a scaly green head arise. The monster that was dragging the boat was a serpent. The size of the monster and the situation caused Pietro to have another short attack of fear, but he overcame it, and endeavored to bethink, himself of some way of delivering himself and companion from the desperate situation they were in, His knife was gone and he looked for Pietro's, but could not find it. Near them he saw several craft of his countrymen and he yelled to them for assistance, but they were frightened, and evidently would not get within a mile of the horrible monster that had the boat in tow if they could avoid it. He made an effort to cast off the rope and net, but the former was fastened around a staple in the boat and the mast in such a manner that Pietro's trembling hands could not unloosen it, no matter how hard he worked. In his desperation he bit at the knotted rope, but it availed nothing. The rocky points of the Farallones were off the bow. Suddenly an idea occurred to the terrified fisherman. On this side of the first island is a reef that rears a jagged peak out of the water. In the bottom of the boat was a length of spare rope. He would make one attempt to save his life and that of Luigi. Hastily, he prepared a noose on the end of the spare rope. The boat would pass within a stone's throw of the reef. He tied the loose end of the rope about the mast and then dexterously threw the noose at the reef. It settled amid a breaker and to Pietro's joy it caught. The rope ran out and then the boat was drawn up with a shock. Snap! It was the rope of the net which pulled out the staple. The boat was drawn upon the reef and crashed into the sharp rocks. The sea monster pursued its way with the net and broken rope. The rest may soon be told. Pietro and his companion were rescued by some of their countrymen who had followed them and now that the monster had gone on, had quite regained their courage. The broken boat and the two fishermen were brought to this city and landed at the fishermen's wharf, where they proved the sensation of the hour Monday and yesterday. In a few days the two fishermen who had such a close acquaintance with the sea-serpent will once more be pursuing their adventurous calling. Their adventures as set forth above are as they detail them. They can give no accurate description of the serpent or monster, other than that it was scaly-backed, was very long, and moved like a snake through the waters. If their imaginations were not affected by their fears it would seem that the old-time sea serpent that has formed the basis of so many mariners' stories, whether true of otherwise, is still alive and able to add to his record for energy, and enterprise. It is the first time that he has in reality made an appearance around these shores, and the superstitious fishermen go forth now praying that he will not take a fancy to become entangled in their nets.

1:42 pm pst

Thursday, October 10, 2013

1875 news article about sightings of a sea serpent in SF Bay
We recently found another old newspaper article about 3 sightings of a sea serpent in SF Bay. It was printed in the Daily Alta California, Volume 27, Number 9341, 31 October 1875. Here is the entire article:


A Veritable Sea-Serpent In San Franclsco Bay

Our Oakland correspondent is responsible for the following rather startling account. He has had it In view for a week or two past; the names of the gentlemen interviewed are well known, and altogether it is a story not to be laughed away: We are not at this time tempted of the Devil to write of this scriptural symbol but because we have had a recent convlction that it is not all a myth— the sailor's yarn of a sea-serpent, With our own eyes we have not seen this huge leviathan of the deep, which many are disposed to believe is “all in the eye," but the source of our information of the subject in hand are so reliable that, for one, we are inclined to the opinion that the sea-serpent is a reality. If the reader will follow us to the end or our narration and not be induced to coincide with our expressed view, he or she must at least be impressed with the conviction that, If nothing more,


In one snakeship, exists in the waters of San Franclsco Bay. A few nights since, while crossing the bay, Colonel J. W. Wood, a ticket taker at Long Wharf, and the smallest man on the job, and, by the way, a man whose ways are ways of pleasantness, and who is especially known to the thousands of ferry passengers as one that can always be found to-day where he was yesterday, and is likely to be to-morrow (for during these many years Col. Wood has stood sentinel and punched tickets at the gate of Long Wharf corral, and won for himself an envious name for extreme modesty, careful reliability and general trustworthiness), inquired of us whether we had that day seen Dinsmore?Å° We knew he had reference to Wm. G. Dlnsmore, the Broadway drug store man, who has especially achieved a valuable notoriety as a dealer in an extra choice brand of “Mozart" cigars, and we said, “No, Why?" “I’ll tell you," said the Colonel; and we and the Colonel talked as follows: Colonel - Dinsmore saw today what I am satisfied I have seen on two different occasions within the past twelve months - a, snake, a huge sea serpent and no mistake; But I want you to see Dinsmore before making any public use of this. WE-Certainly but tell us more; where was it seen and all about it? Colonel— It was from the 9:30 a. m. train from Broadway station, while coming over Long Bridge, that Dinsmore saw it; off to the right from the old boat landing, about midway of the bridge; but I don't want you to use this information until you see Dinsmore. WE— Do you believe the sea-serpent to be a reality? (This question was put because we know the Colonel belonged to a family that is well versed in zoological matters. We knew his big brother, who formerly owned and became famous as the owner of Wood's Museum, at Chicago; in fact, we have great faith In the Colonel's knowledge of petrified things as well as the animated curiosities of the animal kingdom, including almost every creeping thing upon the face of the earth and in the waters under the earth. The Colonel is still a part owner of the “Cardiff Giant," and used to show it in its palmy days.) Colonel.— My education has inclined, me to dlsbelieve ; but, since I have seen and heard recent reports and descriptions of these submarine monsters being seen in other waters I have made up my mind that I have seen, right here in our own bay, either a sea-serpent or a “What is it?" I have always, heretofore, refrained from speaking about this thing, because of the


In the existence of such animals, and through a fear that the boys might pick it up and I call it one of Wood's fish stories you understand? We-Where and when did you see the sight, and what was the appearance of the worm? Colonel- It was about twelve months ago this summer, quite early in the morning -between five and six o'clock— that I first saw this remarkable snake. It was about one third of a mile north from the centre of Long Bridge, and appeared to be sporting in the water, which it agitated violently and lashed into a foam. Its numerous huge coils, as seen above the water, might have been taken for a scrambling group of seals of the "General Grant" or “Ben Butler", of Cliff House notoriety, and that'd what I thought at the time, and why I said not a word. But after a later and more distinct observation, and in view of what I have since heard, I am satisfied that my first spectacle was of a unity in one snakeship of monstrous dimensions. My second and dual(?) view was last month, also quite early in the morning, whilst "1 was coming out to Long Wharf on the earliest morning train. It was in about the same line of observation as my first view; but not more than half so away. I had a good and satisfactory view, when the monster dove underwater and disappeared from sight. It stood as erect from the water as one of the piles in the slips, and in the uniformity of its diameter I would judge its measure to be from 14 to 16 inches. Its


Of the water was ten to fifteen feet. The bead resembled that of a Lizard or bull-frog, and was dazzling black, while the throat was pure white, From the head, just above a lizard shaped mouth, protruded an inch or more a pair of deep black eyes, half as large as ordinary saucers. The body, or so much as I saw was striped in harmonious shades of black and brown, on the back and sides, the stripes running lengthwise, while the belly was almost white. Running down the centre of the back was plain to be seen a sort of fin-like ruffle(?), about four inches in width, as though the cutlets of the animal had been drawn tightly over the belly and side, and pinned back, after the fashion of the day. WE-Well, we must admit your description is curiously interesting; but your recitation, Colonel, reminds us of that familiar “apple story” in which Eve is represented to have been seduced by the devil under the form of a serpent. You say you saw this sea-serpent, or “What is it” stand up like a pile, in a perfectly erect attitude; and since Milton tells us in his “Paradise Lost” that the serpent, before the Temptation and the Fall, moved about in perfectly upright position, we would like to ask if it is your opinion that the serpent you saw was standing erect upon its feet like a sober man? This question is asked in order to arrive at the length of the serpent, for the time and place you saw it the water was at full tide and would have measured in that locality about twenty-five feet. Colonel-I want you to see Dinsmore before this thing goes any further. I will say, however, that I believe Milton was a little off, for an erect mode of progression is utterly incompatible with the structure of a serpent, whose motion is effected by the mechanism of the vertebral column and the multitudinous ribs which, like so many pairs of levers, enable it to move its body from place to place; consequently, had the snakes before the Fall moved in an erect attitude, they must have been formed on a different plan altogether. But, since the fossil serpents hitherto found differ in no essential respect from modern representatives of the order, I must conclude that either Milton greatly erred, or that his printer was drunk. No, sir; I don't believe the serpent I saw was standing erect upon its feet, but that It was wrapt In many coils beneath the surface of the water, and would probably measure 100 feet; but you see Dins…

We interrupted the Colonel at this juncture, cordially and heartily expressing our sincere thanks for the time and information he gave us, and on yesterday afternoon called upon William G. Dinsmore at his drug store, No 1059 Broadway. We informed our friend Dinsmore that we had understood he had on the previous day seen a sea-serpent, and that we wanted the particulars for an item, whereupon he volunteered a description of the animal he had seen, and expressed himself as being satisfied that it was nothing less than a real live sea-serpent, or whatever else such a mammoth specimen of the snake species is called. It is but fair to say that Mr. Dinsmore is one of our pioneers and a most reputable citizen — a forty-niner, and a man who, when he talks, knows what he is talking about, and who doesn't talk much for fun, His description of the serpent was essentially the same as that given by Col. Wood, who, we afterward Informed Mr Dinsmore, had first given us the item.


That Mr. Dlnsmore had, was while it was swimming along with the rapidity of a steam-tug, near the old ferry landing, or Long Bridge. Its head was raised about four feet out of the water, and at intervals be could see a curviture in its huge body at a distance not less than twenty five or thirty fret from its head. After Mr. D's description we informed him that Col. Wood had his own reasons for wishing his name not to appear before the public in this connection, and that we didn't much like to deal with this hitherto somewhat fabulous subject without being permitted the free use of names of reference of responsible and prominent citizens as a sort of guarantee for the truth of our report. Mr. D. saw at once the justness and consistency of our request, and consented to the free use of his name, and also referred us to Judge Shearer, who, he said, had seen the serpent as he had seen it. We then bade him a thankful adieu and called upon Judge Shearer, father of Lewis Shearer, the Republican candidate for Third District Judge at the late election. We found the Judge in his law office over the Union National Gold Bank, and promptly introduced ourself and announced the object of our errand. This venerable looking man, whoso hair is turned white, slowly took off his spectacles, and, after carefully wiping, replaced them upon the bridge of his nose and looked us squarely in the face. He said: "Young man, I am getting quite old, and my eyes are growing somewhat dim, in all of which I plainly see the palsied hand of Time beckoning me to not loiter by life’s wayside to indulge in idle talk or sensational stories. As


I have neither the inclination nor the time to do that." but with regard to the sea serpent seen by Mr. Dlnsmore and myself, and other gentlemen, there can be no question of mistake, young man. The Judge then proceeded with his description of the serpent; but as it was substantially the same as those given above, we will not repeat, but with a truce to this matter, leave the reader to do his or her own speculating on the monstrous worm that we believe lives and moves and has its being in the waters of San Francisco Bay.
8:42 am pdt

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Travel Channel TV program about our sightings and videos
The Travel Channel recently aired a TV program about the monsters of Alcatraz and included a segment about our sightings and videos entitled, "The Bay Serpent". We have provided a link to it on our Favorite Links page.
2:42 pm pdt

Mysterious Destinations Magazine article about our sightings
In November, 2013, the online Mysterious Destinations Magazine is going to post an article about our sightings and videos. They are also going to conduct vacation tours to the locations of our sightings and help people conduct their own on site investigation of the SF sea serpent.

We have provided a link to their website on our Favorite Links page.
2:20 pm pdt

Another possible sighting
On August 20, 2013, we received an email from someone who said, "About 5 years ago, while riding in a car crossing the San Mateo bridge west, I saw something very, very odd swimming in the waters near the middle of the bridge (about 2 miles from shore). It looked like a very large dog, with a long neck and long ears that hung down."

He said no one else in the car saw it and people have tried to tell him it was just a seal but, "that's stupid, since seals don't have long necks."

We find this sighting very interesting because it could have occurred around the same time as our last sighting of the animal in 2009.
2:08 pm pdt

New Sighting at Baker Beach, Ca.
On March 16, 2013 we received an email from someone who said earlier that day, "My mom, sister and I were watching dolphins off of Baker Beach. About 20 minutes later we saw what we thought might have been a sea lion. This amazing creature you have documented curled out of the water (just the body) and was 3 or 4 times the dolphins we had seen earlier. I caught the end of a tail...".

Baker Beach is just northwest of San Francisco.

The eyewitness has agreed to send us some drawings of what they saw as well as more details about what the tail looked like.
1:56 pm pdt

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Additional frames from our video added to photo page
We just added two more frames from our video to our Photos and Drawings page. We also added a version of both frames with the contrast darkened and an enlargement of both frames with the contrast darkened. We also added the first 2/25/87 photo which was taken through the car's front windshield of the baby's head. We also added the original untouched photo we took on 2/25/87 of the head and a portion of the body of the adult animal that was near the buoy. We also added the original untouched 12/26/86 photo of the head of one of the animals with an arch behind it.
12:48 pm pdt

Friday, January 7, 2011

AnimalX interview with us
AnimalX recently posted on youtube the episode entitled "Monsters of the Deep" which includes an interview with us about our sightings and a portion of our January 26, 2004 video. the address is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODcUE1080XE
4:42 pm pst

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We have been contacted by Tisa Walden who is a well known North Beach poet. Tisa told us that she had a sighting of the SF sea serpent in SF Bay in 1985 one night while riding in a car with 3 other adults and a young boy. They were driving on Highway 101 heading North between the SF Airport and San Francisco. Tisa was sitting in the middle of the back seat when the little boy who was on her right next to the window whispered, "What in the world!" so she looked out the right rear window, and saw an enormous sea serpent in silhouette against the dark water and night sky with it's head and neck section poised out of the water at least six feet, whiskers, or appendages on its head, and she could clearly see the eyes. It was not too far from the shoreline, and was stationary in the water with 2 large coils rising behind it. Tisa could see the water of the bay under the arches the coils made. The arches rose behind the head and neck roughly four feet high. Then the head moved slightly back and forth but the rest of the animal remained stationary in the water. Incredulous, she said nothing. She only saw it for a brief period as the car sped past but she had no doubt about what she saw. Later, Tisa said she felt paralyzed, and was concerned about not scaring the four year old boy. She said it wasn't until recently when hearing about our sightings that she decided to tell someone about her sighting. We met with Tisa for several hours and drove her down Highway 101 and she showed us the location where her sighting occurred. Tisa also sent us a sketch of what she saw and we are posting it on our photos and drawings page.
5:25 pm pdt

Monday, April 27, 2009

1885 newspaper article about a sea serpent sighting in SF Bay!
We found this old newspaper article today in the New York Times archives. The article was first published in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 28, 1885. We find this article interesting and important because it establishes that there was a reported multiple eyewitness sighting of a sea serpent in SF Bay in 1885 similar in appearance to the animal we have seen. The "Goat Island" which is mentioned in the article is now named "Yerba Buena Island". Here is the entire article:



From the San Francisco Chronicle, March 28.

The existence of the giant sea serpent is
no longer in doubt. It has been seen in the
waters of San Francisco Bay. According to the
statement of J.P. Allen, of the Bank of California,
he and several other residents of Alameda
were standing on the deck of the ferryboat
Garden City yesterday morning, at about
8:00 o’clock, about midway between Alameda
and Goat Island, when a huge black monster
suddenly raised its head and neck from the water
to a height of about 10 feet, opened its jaws,
displaying a mouth two feet wide filled with rows
of sharply pointed teeth, and after taking a
curious glance at the passing steamer plunged
again into the water, at the same time elevating
a sixty-foot tail, with which it thrashed the
water for some time, after which it made off in
the direction of the Alameda baths, near which
some fishing boats were anchored. Some incredulous
persons to whom the story was told say
that the ferryboat struck a floating spar, forcing
one end downward in the water and elevating
the other as the steamer passed over the
submerged end, and that after the steamer had
passed the elevated end fell back into the water
with a splash. We may expect soon to hear of
the destruction of the Alameda fishing fleet, or
more probably the establishment of a hotel for
Summer boarders in the vicinity of the Alameda
Besides the sea serpent, which gave a powerful
impetus to the romancing powers of several
reputable gentlemen crossing on a ferryboat, the
bay yielded a sea monster of such strange
appearance that the oldest tar on the seawall has
not yet given it a name. The monster was
first seen by Carl Sevening and John Peat, who
were rowing near the North Heads at about 9
o’clock yesterday morning. The animal exposed
a fiercely mustached head of a shape between
that of a seal and a sea lion, surveyed the
scene, took a dislike to the rowboat, and
charged upon it. Just before reaching the
boat the monster dived and came up under
the boat, lifting it and the occupants, but not
capsizing it. The enemy made a second
appearance on the opposite side of the boat,
four foot off, and was met with active battle.
Peat dealt a blow on the monster’s head with an
oar, knocking it out for a moment, and Sevening
followed with another blow which knocked
the beast silly. The pair then secured the animal
with the boat’s painter and began towing
it, when the enemy came to time for a second
round. This it began by towing the boat
rapidly for a quarter of a mile. It then came to
the surface for breath, when Sevening landed it
a blow, gaining first blood, and ending the fight
with a square knock-out. The enemy turned
belly up and was towed to the foot of Larkin
street, where it took six men to land it. The
animal measured 6 feet in length and weighed
about 300 pounds. It had green eyes and a long,
white, bristling mustache. It had two flippers
of great strength, which measured 1 1/2 feet in
length. The capture will be kept at the foot of
Larkin street until noon today.

The New York Times
Published April 5, 1885

8:34 pm pdt

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Possible new eyewitnesses and sighting of SF sea serpent in SF Bay
On April 13, 2009 the following was posted at Cryptomundo in the comment section regarding an article posted there about our January 26, 2004 video:

My husband and I live in the Candlestick Point condos off the 101 and saw the sea serpent twice in the summer of 2007. I saw it first while driving alone. It was undulating in and out of the water and I could clearly see what looked like several humps moving smoothing and hardly disturbing the water. I’ve never witnessed anything like it before and always doubted the Loch Ness monster and Lake Champlain stories. I actually visited Loch Ness in Scotland and took the tour of the lake and didn’t see anything.

So, I was shocked to see it in our own back yard. Of course when I told my husband, he didn’t believe me until he saw it himself while driving about a week later. The area is rife with birds — pelicans, seagulls, cranes and lots of little birds. It’s a popular area with wind surfers, too. We last saw it in August 2007. My husband saw it eat a pelican sitting in the water and those birds are huge. As I was driving and trying to watch the road, I didn’t see it happen, but immediately after we both witnessed a bunch of pelicans wildly dive-bombing the serpent in the water as if on the attack. I remember it clearly as I almost crashed the car watching all the commotion. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw– these pelicans fighting so hard for something. We haven’t seen the serpent since. Perhaps the pelicans injured it…

I was surprised to later learn of the twin brothers who’ve been watching and recording this serpent in the San Francisco Bay area near the Golden Gate Bridge for some time. I’m sorry to say that I doubted them when I saw them on television (as I hadn’t seen it myself) but now I’m convinced its the same creature or species. I guess you have to see it to believe it.

While we haven’t had the fortune to see it since that time, we continue to keep an eye out every time we drive home.

We are hoping that sometime in the future these people will get in touch with us and we can get more information about their sightings.
12:18 pm pdt

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another sighting on February 19th
On February 19th we had another sighting of one of the animals in the Bay. We were parked at the Marina Green location and spotted something black breaking the surface out in the middle of the Bay off the Western tip of Alcatraz so we decided to move to the Stone Tower Point location hoping we could get a better view of whatever it was.

Bob thought he saw something to his right about 100 yards off shore so he started scanning the area with his binoculars. While he was looking at one spot, all of a sudden, the head, a portion of the upper body behind the head and an arch of another portion of the animal broke the surface exactly where he was looking.

Bob got an excellent view of the profile of the head of the animal and was able to see a squared snout, an eye and a large jowl before the head went underwater. The arch of the animal was at least 5 feet in length and the head and upper portion of the animal was about 5 to 7 feet in length. It was about 5 feet between where the upper portion of the animal entered the water and where the arch came out of the water. The animal submerged before Bill could get any video of it.

A few seconds later, Bob noticed several portions of the animal breaking the surface about 50 yards further out in the Bay. Bill was able to see the head of the animal and a large arch directly behind the head for a second or two and was trying to take some video of it but a motorboat going West to East came right into the area so the animal submerged before Bill could get any video.

About 30 seconds later we both noticed the animal break the surface again about 500 yards further West from where we last saw it. Bill was able to get a few seconds of video showing a small portion of an arch breaking the surface.

When we watched the video at slow speed, besides the arch, we could see a few small portions of the animal break the surface after the arch submerged and then a long black image can be seen just below the surface of the water where the arch submerged.
7:38 pm pst

Monday, February 16, 2009

At 10 am on February 8, 2009, we were sitting in our van at the Stone Tower Point location in the Saint Francis Yacht Club's Eastern parking lot looking North towards Angel Island. it was high tide and the bay was fairly calm. We later checked the tide tables and found out it was a slack tide at 10 am and that the moon was full. Bob was looking through his binoculars at the shoreline of Angel Island when he noticed something black moving West to East close to the island. He watched it for a minute or two to make sure it wasn't just a shadow of a wave when he noticed a second black object break the surface of the water at least 10 feet behind the first object. The second object submerged and resurfaced a few times while the first object remained above the water. Bob continued to watch it and at that point told Bill that he could see something unusual and black moving West to East right in front of Angel Island. Bill got the video camera out and began videotaping the objects as they continued to move from West to East. As the two of us watched, we could see that the first object stayed above the water most of the time while the second object behind it kept surfacing and submerging showing different lengths of it. At times both objects submerged for a second and then the first object would reappear above the surface. At other times the second object would surface and appeared to be elongated and longer than the first object. Bill was videotaping them from inside the van but then jumped out of the van and continued to videotape them. As Bill continued to videotape them and Bob watched them through the binoculars they looked like they were creating some white water between them as they moved along. At some times the second object looked straight like a log while at other times it looked curved like an arch. The distance between the two objects got smaller as they moved along the Angel Island shoreline. The way the two objects moved in relation to each other gave us the impression they were two parts of one animal. After the objects went East of Angel Island they passed right in front of a buoy and then a sail boat which was quite a distance behind them. Then they swam a little further West to East until a motorboat approached them traveling from the East to the West. The boat then passed very close behind them. After the boat passed them the two objects submerged and didn't resurface. It was at that point we stopped videotaping. Later we looked at the tape and the two objects appear to be the head and upper portion of the same type of animal we have seen in the past. When we examined the video at slow speed and frame to frame we were able to count the number of times the second object submerged and resurfaced and it was over 100 times!!!
9:40 pm pst

Monday, January 28, 2008

New book available which mentions our sightings
A new book entitled "Encounters: with the strange and unexplained" by Matt Hoyle is now available. He includes a photograph of us at the location of most of our sightings as well as a short statement about our sightings. The book is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores or you can order a copy through amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Encounters-Strange-Unexplained-Matt-Hoyle/dp/0740769359/ref=sr_1_1/002-9728697-6486457?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1185667031&sr=8-1
1:16 pm pst

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Paiva/Slusher analysis of our video
The entire Paiva/Slusher analysis of our video is available to be downloaded at http://www.lochnessinvestigation.org/clarkbrothers.htm . The link is also available on our links page.
2:21 pm pst

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